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Feflogx Sportswear GmbH

Feflogx Sportswear GmbH

Welcome to our FEFLOGX sportswear store. With our young, Frankfurt-based company FEFLOGX Sportswear, we have specialized in the development and the distribution of sportswear and sports equipment since 2017. In addition to our online business, we now want to capture the Frankfurt city center with our products.

Specifically, we are focused on functional and compression clothing, that supports and promote the athlete as well as improves his/her performance and well-being! The main sport-focus of FEFLOGX is on Mixed Martial Arts and Functional-Fitness.

FEFLOGX is strongly represented, especially in the fast-growing mixed material arts scene. And as you can imagine, MMA is strongly related to the fitness sport. However, our sportswear is multifunctional, so you can use it in every sport and it also makes a good figure in your free time!

The first principle of the company is primarily on the sporting functions. This means that all our products, in all their characteristics, are 100% sports oriented. Because of this and because of the close cooperation with professional athletes, all our products are:


We style sportswear & equipment that promote and support the athletic performance of the wearer, increase comfort during exercise and are additionally designed in a modern, innovative and sporty-elegant way!

That's why our motto is: Our Motivation to


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