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The new PRE-PAID parking card

Overview of the benefits to you:

Where to buy:

Parking office level A (U2) or at customer information on the ground level

Apcoa Parking

As part of the Palais Quartier, the shopping centre presents a wide variety of shops, dining, leisure and wellness options over a total of 6 floors. Parking is available in the APCOA Parkhaus MyZeil – PalaisQuartier Frankfurt multistorey car park, perfect for parking on-site in the city centre and leaving you free to shop and enjoy your free time here. The multistorey car park is located right in the centre of Frankfurt and provides a total of 1,390 parking spaces that can be used daily around the clock. Use the multistorey car park to spend time in the MyZeil Center or to take a stroll down the Zeil and explore its many shops. If you are using a satnav, we recommend entering “Eschenheimer Tor” as a destination. You also have the option of renting a permanent parking space in the Parkhaus MyZeil – PalaisQuartier Frankfurt. There is a charging station available for e-vehicles, freely accessible for both short and long stays. Park right in the middle of Frankfurt city centre in your convenient local APCOA multistorey car park.

Night access is signposted and is located directly in the Thurn & Taxis Palais.

Open 24 hours.

Parking rates

Short stays: dynamic parking - the parking fees depend on the capacity of the car park
Daily maximum: further information www.apcoa.de/en/

Find more information at:

Tel: +40 (0)69 2199 9086